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Bespoke EPoS with countless features and flexibility

Developed over the past 20+ years, our flagship EPoS software is an effortless solution for any business. TouchPoint’s robust, reliable design and intuitive interface boost efficiency and productivity across hospitality, retail, and venue/events industries. With over 170,000 installations in the UK alone and constant updates, TouchPoint’s flexibility ensures it grows alongside your business, meeting evolving consumer and business expectations.

Ease of use

TouchPoint’s intuitive design and customization features help your staff get up to speed quickly. Tailor buttons, colors, images, and keyboard layouts for a system that boosts your business efficiency.

Language transalation

Improve staff communication and streamline kitchen operations with TouchPoint’s multilingual support. Clerks can select their preferred language, and automatic order translations ensure accuracy for all.


TouchPoint scales effortlessly with your business. Whether you’re starting with a single terminal or managing a multi-site empire, it provides a centralized, efficient solution for your growing EPoS needs.

Save time with TouchPoint’s intelligent automation

Reduce errors and boost efficiency with TouchPoint’s intelligent prompts. Your EPoS guides staff through upselling opportunities, ensures allergen awareness, handles age verification for restricted sales, and much more – all to free up your team to provide exceptional customer service.

Automatically split bills

Simplify bill splitting and give your customers a smoother experience with TouchPoint’s built-in functionality. Reduce errors and save your staff valuable time with automated calculations.

Schedule happy hours

Effortlessly schedule happy hour and time-limited promotions with TouchPoint’s automated price changes, saving you valuable time.

Add-on features

TouchPoint adapts seamlessly to your business. Its fully customizable design allows you to add features and modify scripts, ensuring it evolves alongside your needs.

Built-in security reduces
fraud and theft

TouchPoint gives you control with a comprehensive audit trail of clerk activity and transactions. For even deeper insights, integrate with TouchOffice Web, our cloud-based business management software, for advanced reporting.

Enhance security and deter internal theft with TouchPoint’s CCTV integration, which links footage to transactions. Flexible sign-on options, including fingerprint scanners, iButtons, cards, or PINs, add an extra layer of protection.



Product image buttons

Enhance your staff’s till experience with visual product buttons. Improve speed and accuracy by replacing text with easily recognizable images.

Identity verification

Protect your loyalty program and prevent fraud with TouchPoint’s built-in photo ID verification at the till. Ensure rewards go to the right customers.

Faster payments

Speed up payments and reduce errors with integrated card payments. This seamless solution provides a smoother customer experience and ensures accurate back-end reporting.

Effective, customisable
loyalty, as standard

TouchPoint’s built-in loyalty and discount management tools eliminate the need for costly add-ons. Automatically capture customer data to gain valuable insights into spending habits and personalize your promotions.

Drive repeat purchases with TouchPoint’s targeted promotions, points schemes, vouchers, and gift cards. Analyze customer purchase history to tailor offers and maximize sales.